A good breeder takes a LIFETIME interest in  dogs produced. They want to know how your dog does
in it's new home, love getting calls and cards from you and are always there to advise you of a problem
comes up.  If a medical condition comes up, they want to know so if it is  potentially , they can look at
the program and try to stop the problem in future .And a good breeder will sell with a spay/neuter

Some breeder They think maybe they can make a few dollars selling pups, If you turely Take care of you
dogs it takes MONEY. heartworm medication,high quality dog food,nice pet beds,grooming
supplies,veterinarian care.

Breeders who are make MONEY are breeding a lot of puppies!! Good breeder there money goes back
into there dog.
What makes a good shih Tzu breeder
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